ON THIS BLOG: Simple. Refreshing. Uncomplicated Life. The name means starting small and growing where you’re planted. My vision board with the perfect Pinterest house and the pretty yard filled with luscious fruit trees stole my joy away from my actual present day life for longer than I’d like to admit. We moved to the desert and I learned that citrus actually thrives in harsh conditions which caused my perspective to change. I gave up waiting and comparing and started embracing living with less and not having it all. I write about my life, my passion for simple plant-based food and the people I get to share it with.

ON ME: My name is Madison and I live in little apartment in Phoenix with my husband Kyle, our daughter Mallory, and a tiny rescue pug. I love to write and take photographs. I want more than anything else to have my life; these posts, our content everywhere to be evidence of God’s love and unending grace right here in 2018.

ONLINE ELSEWHERE: Come hang out with me on Instagram and Youtube if ya want!